Software Solution

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We offer a wide range of software development services delivered in a way that lets you focus on core business issues, not technical ones.

Today’s rapidly changing technology landscape and the ‘faster, better, cheaper’ mentality makes getting to market more challenging than ever. While it still takes all of the individual efforts – product strategists to plan and define, designers to create, and of course, programmers to code – raw skill alone is just not enough. No man is an island and no software solution should be either.

At CGANets we thrive in this fast- paced, eat-or-be-eaten world. We believe software product development is a blend of technical artistry and high-end engineering – we go far beyond programming. We partner with many of the world’s best companies to deliver high quality software products. From testing a concept in the market to launching a completely new line of business, more often than not, we deliver products in time frames our customers never dreamed possible.

We solve problems with software.

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CGA Nets is a privately owned IT company based in Houston, Texas since 2015.

Currently with a total of ten employees in the United States and Sri Lanka, CGA was started with the scope of providing its expertise in the IT industry specialized in Cisco Collaboration solutions to the small businesses in the Houston area.